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Let us assist you to manage your Canadian passport applications. By using our online system, you are able to manage your multiple applications in your account and you can also save your applications and finish it anywhere anytime by any device. We are cloud company providing you online solution to make your passport application easier. Our service fee does not include government fee. If your travel date is within 30 days, please do not use our service and go to for more information.

What are you looking for?

Choose one of following application types to start your passport application right away. Don’t worry if you have chosen wrong one. You are free to change it later on.
Adult Renewal Passport
  • Over 16 of age when you applied last time.
  • Passport was issued within 15 years of the date you apply.
  • Your personal information is the same as current passport.
  • Passport has not been damaged or lost.
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Adult New Passport
  • First passport after the age of 16.
  • Passport was issued more than 15 years of the date you apply.
  • Personal information is different from current passport.
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Child Passport
  • Under the age of 16.
  • Child’s passport is expired, lost, stolen, damaged or is inaccessible
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Adult Lost or damaged Passport
If the applicant’s passport is lost, stolen, damaged or is inaccessible, you would be under this category. Start Now

How It Works

Choose the Application that Fits You

We have four types of web applications that can assist you to manage your passport applications which are Adult Renewal Passport, Adult New Passport, Child Passport and Lost/Damaged Passport. If you are not sure which one fits you, we have our questionnaire to help you find your eligibility. Click here to start the questionnaire now.

Register Your Own Account

The reason why you need to register an account is that you can save your application(s) for later. You can also add your family members to your account and apply for your family or your friends! You are able to access and manage multiple applications everywhere anytime.

Follow our guides

After finishing your application(s), you only need to follow our guides step by step and make your documents ready to mail out.

Print and mail out your application(s)

If you have a printer, print out your application and follow our guide to sign all documents. If you do not have a printer, you can go to local store and print those documents out.

Wait for your application(s) to be done by Government of Canada

About us

Canadian Passport Application Online is operating by a private company providing web applications that can help you fill out passport application easier. Our Company specializes in providing our client with the best assistance in passport application services including Canadian Passport Application, Canadian Passport Renewal, Lost/Damaged Canadian Passport Application, Canadian Passport Eligibility Consultation and Fast Pass Application. Our system also help clients to easily manage their applications for their family members. Instead of taking time from busy schedule to wait in line for the submission of Canadian government applications, using Canadian Passport Application Online service will save your time and be quick and simple. We will provide you the most detailed guides and make sure all the submission of applications to the Canadian government is accurate, precise and without issues. We will also help lower the possibility of any applications being returned, refused, delayed, loss of application fees and unnecessary results. So contact us without any hesitation. Our professional experience will help you remove your concerns. We will be happy to assist you in Canadian Passport Application, Canadian Passport Renewal, Lost/Damaged Canadian Passport Application, Canadian Passport Eligibility Consultation and Fast Pass Application.

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    Canadian Passport Renewal

    * We are not affiliated with the Canadian Government as we charge an additional fee. If your travel date are within 14 – 35 days, you can apply for a passport directly from the Government of Canada. Government fee is not included in our service.