Passport Canada

Guides to Replace a Lost or Stolen Canadian Passport

Losing a passport is frustrating. Once your Canadian passport is missing, you will not be able to travel and have problems at border crossing. The following guide helps you replace a lost Canadian passport step by step. 1. Call Passport Canada right away to report the loss or theft Once your Canadian passport is reported lost […] Read more »

Guides to Replace Damaged Passport in Canada

If your Canadian passport is damaged, you will need to replace damaged passport in Canada before you go for a trip abroad. There are risks to using a damaged passport, including a water damaged passport for travel. The worst case scenario will be denied entry at border control or on flights. How to replace your […] Read more »

Who Can Be a Canadian Passport Guarantor?

Obtaining a Canadian passport is a crucial step in your journey to explore the world or conduct international business. To ensure the integrity of this essential travel document, the Canadian government requires the involvement of a guarantor. We’ll explore the role of a Canadian passport guarantor and discover who a guarantor can be. 1. What […] Read more »