How to expedite urgent passport service

The processing time for regular passport service takes 6-8 weeks. If you need to expedite your passport process, there are ways for you to get urgent or emergency service. But you have to provide supporting documents as proof and pay additional fees.

There are three types of expedited service you can request when you apply for passport.

  1. urgent pick-up: get passports by end of next business day
  2. express pick-up: get passports in 2-9 business days
  3. emergency weekend or statutory holiday service

The supporting documents can be:

  • an airline, bus or train ticket
  • a travel itinerary showing proof of payment
  • proof of illness or death in the family requiring you to travel
  • a written statement from you or a third party explaining why you need the passport (i.e. for legal, banking or residency requirements)

There are steps for you to expedite urgent passport service.

  1. Choose your passport application and fill the form online
  2. Get all the required documents according to the application and your passport photos
  3. Find a guarantor or 2 references
  4. Go to passport office for the urgent, express or emergency pick-up
  5. Get your passport
expedite urgent passport service