Guides to Replace Damaged Passport in Canada

If your Canadian passport is damaged, you will need to replace damaged passport in Canada before you go for a trip abroad. There are risks to using a damaged passport, including a water damaged passport for travel. The worst case scenario will be denied entry at border control or on flights.

How to replace your damaged Canadian passport. There are some guides for replacing damaged passports in Canada.

1. Check if your passport is a damaged passport 

Some examples of damaged passports:

  • Water damaged passports
  • Missing  pages passports
  • Unauthorized markings on passports
  • Information page has been altered or less identifiable
  • The cover and inside pages have come apart
  • Chewed by a child or pet
  • Other forms of damage
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2. Apply for a passport

Adult passport

If you are currently in Canada, you could replace your passport by applying for a new passport. The following documents will be required 

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Documents to support identity
  • Any valid Canadian travel document issued to you 
Child passport

If you want to replace your child’s damaged passport which has not expired, please apply for a Child passport in Canada again.


Fill an additional form to declare and report your damaged Canadian passport.

4.Pay Fees

Pay fees which includes the regular fees for a new passport and the fee for a replacement passport.

Let us help you apply for a damaged Canadian passport.

replace damaged passport canada