Guides to Replace a Lost or Stolen Canadian Passport

Losing a passport is frustrating. Once your Canadian passport is missing, you will not be able to travel and have problems at border crossing. The following guide helps you replace a lost Canadian passport step by step.

lost Canadian passport

1. Call Passport Canada right away to report the loss or theft

Once your Canadian passport is reported lost or stolen, it is no longer. Even though it is found later, it cannot be used for travel. You must return the found passport to the Passport Protect office.

2. Renew or apply for a new passport before travel

Adult passport

If your lost Canadian passport meets the requirements below and you are currently in Canada, you could replace your passport by renewing it. Your last passport was 

  • an adult passport issued within 15 years of the date you apply for your renewal
  • valid for 5 or 10 years
  • the same personal information including name, date of birth, place of birth and gender as you want on the replacement 

If you are not eligible to renew the passport,  please apply for a new passport.

Child passport

If you want to replace your child’s lost passport which has not expired, please apply for a Child passport in Canada again.


Fill an additional form to declare and report your lost or stolen Canadian passport.

4. Pay fees

Pay fees which includes the regular fees for a new passport and the fee for a replacement passport.

replace a lost Canadian passport